AKARA Crystal Ice Fluorcarbon Coated clear.

En clar sene med Fluorcarbon Belegg som er behandlet slik at det ikke skal bygge seg opp is på senen. Kommer i 0,008-0,10-0,12-0,14-,016, 0.18.

PrisNOK49,00 inkl. mva.




Akara GLX fishing line - belongs to the category of hybrid fishing lines, it is made of high quality polymer and has a fluorocarbon coating. Due to this, the fishing line has high strength, practically does not stretch, does not get wet, has high abrasion resistance and can be used in severe fishing conditions. When fishing in winter, the fishing line does not freeze and does not rub on the sharp edge of the hole. When using leashes for bottom fishing, it also withstands shell rock and rocky bottom. Due to the fact that fluorocarbon is practically invisible in water, a fishing line coated with this material is also hardly noticeable, which makes it possible to catch any, even the most careful fish. When selecting a fishing line, it should be borne in mind that this fishing line is sinking.

Art.Length (m):Diameter (mm):Test (kg):Color:Packed (pcs):Price for:
GLX-IC-30-010 30  0,1  1,4  transparent  10  item 
GLX-IC-30-012 30  0,12  1,9  transparent  10  item 
GLX-IC-30-014 30  0,14  2,55  transparent  10  item 
GLX-IC-30-016 30  0,16  2,9  transparent  10  item 
GLX-IC-30-018 30  0,18  3,65  transparent  10  item